Information Management Service Providers

A First Nations community that manages its own data, maintains control over its own information. Information management (IM) is a critical and powerful tool that allows users to have hard data at their disposal. It provides a system for quickly entering and retrieving information and generating detailed and accurate reporting. The First Nations Technology Council has gathered a number of information management service providers to assist Knowledge Network members in their search for the right service provider.

In this Topic Spotlight resource collection, Knowledge Network members will find IM solutions including:

  • a comparison chart of the featured First Nation information management service providers;
  • Xyntax an administrative and accounting solutions for First Nations;
  • Unification a modular information management system focusing on First Nations Income Assistance and Education case management;
  • AIS Software offers information management solutions for over 150 First Nations communities across Canada;
  • First Nations Management an IM product developed by Abenaki Associates offering a variety of modules covering a wide range of band management areas;
  • Aboriginal Statistical Assistance Programs (ASAP) based out of Saskatchewan has been developing software and working with First Nations administrations for over 20 years.
  • INDIGO - Indigenous Governance and Operations Management system that integrates with any financial management system.  AOS Partners developed this system with and for First Nations over the last 15 years.