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2011 /
JOSH CARTER- Indigital Warrior in Digital Literacy and Media Production Training Program to develop workplace skills.
Author(s): JOSH CARTER
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2010 / Word
This is a template for a policy on sharing documents.  Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information between two First Nation communities. Using this template ensure that it will be done in a way that is responsible and facilitates the continuation of both communities ability to participate in their negotiation.This Policy also establishes rules to govern the collection, the use and...
Resource Producer: Upper Nicola Indian Band
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2015 / PDF
Data is a powerful tool to gain understanding how current energy systems work and either validates predicted performance or pinpoints system flaws and inefficiencies.
Author(s): Jessica Bekker
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2005 / PDF
The move towards greater self-governance challenges First Nations leadership to manage the growth of its administration and adapt its governance structures. As First Nations assume greater control over these structures, the result will be broader and more sophisticated organizations, with more departments, sections and divisions, and greater responsibility over matters such as education, housing...
Author(s): David M. Robbins, Kathryn Deo
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2019 /
This policy provides guidelines for the purchase of hardware for the business to ensure that all hardware technology for the business is appropriate, value for money and where applicable integrates with other technology for the business. The objective of this policy is to ensure that there is minimum diversity of hardware within the business.
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2016 / PDF
Kitsumkalum Band's 2016 Direct Support Project submitted to New Relationship Trust.
Resource Producer: Kitsumkalum Band Council
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2016 / PDF
Applied Office Solutions’ First Nations Information Management Systems are designed with and for First Nations organizations of all sizes. Our systems manage key information in one central location for the use and benefit of all team members in multiple departments and different locations.
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2016 / PDF
People are the greatest strength of an organization. Software systems should be the tools that enable your people to do their jobs efficiently and deliver the mandate of your organization.Your information management project can be successful with the right planning and follow through. Managing the change that a new information management system brings can be challenging, but here are a few steps...
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2016 / PDF
This chart displays the steps for managing complex change.
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2016 / PDF
One of the biggest sources of change in today’s workplace is the introduction of new software solutions.Implementing the right software solution will bring huge benefits to every organization – increasing personal productivity, reducing duplication of work, reducing costs and improving communication. As with any change, systems need to be implemented and managed properly to minimize the...