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9 years 2 months
2004 / PDF
The document that is before you is the result of the work of countless people. Many First Nation or Aboriginal individuals and organizations have worked tirelessly to advance mechanisms for the recognition and protection of Aboriginal rights and title in Canada generally, and First Nation participation in environmental assessment specifically.
Author(s): First Nations Environmental Assessment Technical Working Group
7 years 4 months
2014 / MP3 Audio
The Nakwaxda’xw and Gwa’sala people were forcibly removed from their homelands in 1964. Now a new film by Lisa Jackson tells the story of their relocation and of their fight to return. The film contains archival scenes of Blunden Harbour shot by Edward Curtis, candid interviews with elders and footage from a recent journey back tothe ancestral village. Colleen and Jessie...
Author(s): Redeye Collective
7 years 10 months
2015 / PDF
This document contains the reflections and intentions of four First Nations who have been actively engaged in the clean energy industry for much of the past ten years.
Author(s): Klahoose First Nation, shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation, Sliammon First Nation, Sts'ailes First Nation
7 years 11 months
2015 / PDF
With US shale gas dominating the headlines of the energy media for the past several years, Canadian gas has been somewhat overshadowed. While gas industry followers outside North America may have been aware of the reduction in Canadian gas exports to the US, they will likely have missed the complex interaction of lower cost US shale invading regional Canadian markets formerly domestically...
Author(s): Ieda Gomes
7 years 12 months
2015 / PDF
Kwiakah First Nation (KFN) - represented by its development corporation Saaiyouck - worked with EcoFish Research and Discovery Island Tourism Inc. (DIT) on the development of a Phillips Watershed and Estuary Marine Evaluation Report and the presentation of the research results in negotiations with the BC provincial government and industry stakeholders in Phillips Arm.
Resource Producer: Kwiakah First Nation
4 years 2 weeks
2019 /
Community engagement opportunities were offered in April 2019 to gather input from Kitselas members on the 2019 draft Kitselas Land Use Plan. Three interactive engagement sessions, one informational session and a community survey were available to members. Overall, community input gathered suggests that community members are supportive of the 2019 draft Land Use Plan. Minor edits were made to the...
Resource Producer: Kitselas First Nation
4 years 3 weeks
2019 /
The Community Energy Plan (CEP) for QFN was created to identify energy efficiency opportunities for residential and community buildings and renewable energy development prospects within QFN’s Traditional Territory. The CEP process was guided by community- identified goals and ongoing feedback. This document is supported by audits and assessments completed by energy efficiency and renewable energy...
4 years 3 weeks
2019 /
Metlakatla Land Department hosted a lunch/dinner followed by a group presentation which covered the land code and how it relates to the land use plan, its purpose of the land use plan, the process to date and the reserves we are currently planning for. Participants then split into smaller groups and participated in smaller workshop-type facilitated discussions during which they reviewed the...
4 years 11 months
2018 / PDF
Project Summary: Development of a Gitanyow Cultural Resource Inventory and Tourism Strategy.
Resource Producer: Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs’ Office
Author(s): Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs’ Office
4 years 11 months
2016 / PDF
Project Summary: Engage membership to the pros and cons of adopting a Land Code by utilizing best practices of Comprehensive Community Planning communications strategies.
Resource Producer: Neskonlith Indian Band
Author(s): Neskonlith Indian Band