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2019 /
This policy has been developed to create both transparency and understanding of the food fishery distribution process for Klahoose administrators and members. The processes, responsibilities and penalties of food fish are explained in this document. Every individual receiving food fish should familiarize themselves with the policy. 
8 years 3 months
2015 / PDF
This article explores the application of two-eyed seeing in the first year of a three-year study about the effectiveness of cultural interventions in First Nations alcohol and drug treatment in Canada. Two-eyed seeing is recognized by Canada’s major health research funder as a starting point for bringing together the strengths of Indigenous and Western ways of knowing. With the aim of developing...
Author(s): Laura Hall, Colleen A. Dell, Barb Fornssler, Carol Hopkins, Christopher Mushquash
8 years 3 months
2008 / PDF
The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Author(s): United Nations
9 years 9 months
2011 /
Here is the full decision from the Supreme Court. See attachment for full details.
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2010 /
The heart of this book is a set of seven fundamental truths that for thousands of years have guided Coastal First Nations. Frank Brown and Y. Kathy Brown assembled these truths through interviews with and advice from elders from three different Coastal First Nations: Pauline Waterfall (Hilistis), from Heiltsuk, Gloria Cranmer-Webster (Wikalalisame’ga), from Namgis of the Kwakwaka’wakw, and Barb...
Author(s): . Frank Brown and Y. Kathy Brown
9 years 10 months
2011 /
Cease Wyss, our "Indigenous Plant Diva", is a hip, urban Aboriginal single mother, video artist and community leader. She shares her traditional knowledge of plants that can be found throughout the streets and everyday spaces of Vancouver, reminding us that the medicines are all around us in our urbanized environments. Whether it's the secret curl of a fiddlehead, the gentleness of comfrey, or...