The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network is a platform to share knowledge and foster networking between First Nations individuals, communities, and organizations. We are continually seeking partnerships with First Nations communities, organizations and thought leaders in BC to share relevant resources that move conversations forward and create the conditions for First Nations communities to make informed decisions. The sharing of resources and knowledge builds First Nations capacity and creates a collective memory.

The First Nations Knowledge Network content is curated to provide unbiased resources that inform First Nations throughout BC of best practices and learned experience. We seek partnerships with like minded groups to support the growing knowledge base and build capacity in First Nations communities.

In partnering with the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network, you:

  • Join the conversation with First Nations thought leaders
  • Have the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and experience
  • Make information, resources and your message accessible in a centralized place

If you are interested in partnering with the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network, please send your request to [email protected]. 

Our Partners

New Relationship Trust

Investing in First Nations in British Columbia to assist them in building their capacity.

    We believe in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that respects and advances First Nations' decision-making, traditional teachings, and laws. To achieve our Vision and Mission, the following Guiding Principles inform our shared work:

    • We support First Nations in their capacity development efforts as they pursue individual and communal self-sufficiency
    • We understand that effective communications and engagement with those that we serve strengthens and informs our activities
    • We encourage fair and equitable access to our services through the creation of transparent criteria that focus on initiatives that lead to measurable change at the individual, community, and Nation levels
    • We increase the investment fund through responsible management, leveraging of our assets and pursuit of additional resources that do not duplicate or replace existing government or First Nation programs

    BC Assembly of First Nations

    The British Columbia Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) is a Political Territorial Organization (PTO) that represents the 203 First Nations in British Columbia. The BCAFN is inclusive in it’s representation including First Nations involved in the treaty process and these that have chosen to engage. In addition, we also represent the modern and historic treaty First Nations of BC, which include the Nisga’a Nation, Tsawwassen First Nation and the Douglas Treaty 8 First Nations.

    First Nations Summit

    The FNS is comprised of a majority of First Nations and Tribal Councils in BC and provides a forum for First Nations in British Columbia to address issues related to Treaty negotiations as well as other issues of common concern. As one of the principals of the treaty negotiation process along with Canada and BC, the First Nations Summit plays an important and ongoing role in ensuring that the process for conducting Treaty negotiations is accessible to all First Nations. However, the Summit does not participate in negotiations at individual treaty tables. Each treaty table is autonomous in its negotations.

    Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

    One of the main principles of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs is that, despite our differences, we will be stronger if we work together. The goal of the UBCIC is to support the work of our people, whether at the community, nation or international level, in our common fight for the recognition of our aboriginal rights and respect for our cultures and societies. Our goal, the goal of the people, has been to give the aboriginal people of BC a voice strong enough to be heard in every corner of the world. We have, and we continue, to carry out this mission in a number of different ways.

    Another major principle behind our organization is the belief that knowledge is power. We are dedicated to information-sharing as well as to the fostering of fundamental and necessary research skills for Indian people in the province.

    Latest Opportunities

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    PFM Executive Search
    August 2, 2022

    Senior Lead, Research and Evaluation

    First Nations Technology Council
    July 8, 2022

    Project Coordinator

    First Nations Technology Council
    July 8, 2022