Policy paper to help safeguard Indigenous Cultural Heritage released by First Peoples Cultural Council

Friday, September 20, 2019

FPCC is excited to release a policy paper as a guide to help safeguard Indigenous Cultural Heritage (ICH). FPCC is the only organization in B.C. mandated to support the revitalization of ICH and this paper marks the first time that a policy paper on ICH has been produced by, and for, Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

We recognize that the loss of Indigenous heritage is profound. It is becoming increasingly urgent for Indigenous Peoples to lead efforts to protect our cultural heritage. The paper, Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.C., is our first step towards developing a strategy to address all forms of B.C. Indigenous heritage.

The policy paper identifies the organizations in B.C. and Canada that are leading efforts to safeguard cultural heritage spaces and practices. In response to the urgent need to revitalize, manage and protect ICH, FPCC collaborated with experts and leaders in cultural heritage to develop 10 recommendations. 

Recommendations to protect Indigenous Cultural Heritage

1. Indigenous leadership and control 
2. Sustainable, comprehensive and immediate funding
3. Recognize connections between people and the land
4. ICH education programs
5. Infrastructure and capacity building at community level
6. Specific funding for repatriation programs
7. Address heritage laws and policies to include Indigenous Peoples
8. Address climate change through heritage planning 
9. Public commemoration and interpretation
10. Continued research and monitoring

Please take the time to read this important policy paper and consider the recommendations that you may be able to support and implement in your community. There is also an abbreviated version in the form of a fact sheet for easy sharing and posting. We invite you to share this paper and fact sheet with anyone who has an interest to revitalize and preserve ICH.

View and Download
Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.CPolicy Paper
Recognizing and Including Indigenous Cultural Heritage in B.CFact Sheet

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