Lament For Mother Earth

Creator (Nass, God, Heavenly Father)  

 What do you see when you look down upon the magnificent world you created for us as peoples?

Does your heart break as you watch the devastation of Mother Earth and all living things unfold before your all-seeing eyes and knowing that the worst is yet to come?

Does your heart weep at the agony that we as humans have and will continue to suffer under unthinkable heat, torrential rains and wind, floods, drought, fires and lack of food?

Do you cringe at the suffering and the death of many yet to come from old to young?

Do you shake your head at the leaders we choose that have no vision, that harden their hearts towards a sustainable future and think only of money, jobs, power and prestige. Prestige that they think will bring them re-election while they deny the truth before them.

As you hear the prayers of many will you answer us or will your anger be poured down upon us in more ravages to Mother Earth so that leaders and all people will finally realize they should have acted before it was too late.

Creator, what is to become of Mother Earth? What is to become of us? 

The future is in our hands and the hands of our children. Will our children be cleaning up after us? Will they be able to? 

Creator give us the courage, the foresight, the strength and the will to act, and make the right decisions to fight for Mother Earth for the sake our children and all unborn children.

The point of no return is upon us, let us not delay.

Note to Reader:  I have been reflecting on what is happening is happening at COP25 in Madrid SPain and the reluctance of World Leaders to take a strong stand, make strategic decisions that will help mitigate global warming and fight climate change and this Lament came to me.  You would think with the millions of youth and other people marching in the streets that world leaders would take note and take drastic action that is required, yet we see them stall and delay as if they had all the time in the world.

It is devastating enough to see the Canadian government buy a pipeline and then to approve its development even though its impact on the environment will be devastating and will only increase GHG emissions.  The BC government despite Clean BC are encouraging LNG and it too will onluy increase GHG emissions.  We are creating more GHG rather than reversing it.  We can do what we can as indivuals but larger efforts must come from governments.  There is very little if any time left to take critical actions and we as peoples can only push our leaders, speak out and 

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