How Do Greens, Liberals and NDP weigh up in BC Election

For those of you who didn't have the time to read my 5 blogs on the BC Election, I have done a quick chart comparing the 7 issues that I mentioned in my first blog and other items of note.  Better to read the entire analysis of each platform, but for those of you who are too busy, here is quick snapshot of the issues as I see them.  5 days to go, and the Liberals are allegedly closing the gap with the NDP, the question is should you get out and Vote if you don't like what is happening now? And if you decide you want to vote, who should you vote for? 









  • Site C

Not Support


Wait for EA Process to approve or not

  • Prosperity Mine and other mines

No Specific Mention but Require FN consent for new mines-also revise mining laws so consent with FN’s assured and establish no go zones for mines


Sustainable mining

  • Raven Coal

No specific mention but Require FN Consent for new mines


Sustainable mining

  • LNG

No New projects

Put a moratorium on new gas exploration and ban tankers on the coast

Support:  Hangs BC’s economic future on LNG

Use “best practices for LNG”

Use Green solutions

  • Fracking-for LNG



Use Best Practices for fracking

  • Kinder Morgan



Opposed to more tanker traffic in Vancouver Ha

  • Northern Gateway


Support if 5 Conditions are met.


  • Other Developments

Let fish farm licenses expire with no renewal and revoke long term fish farm tenures, stop old growth logging,

Do more area based tenure in forests-no mention of settling with FN’s or consultations on these new tenures






 2. BC Hydro pullback on Standing Offer Program

 Support IPP's, institute small power loans with no interest for green energy, support private and public energy producers-will cancel water license for power producers where necessary (not sure what necessary means)

 Will continue with standing offer program but includes the possibility of two year delay

 Support renewable energy-not support the 2 year pull back but will evaluate existing contracts with IPP’s-not sure what they will do after that

3. Revenue and Benefit Sharing

Commits to sharing of natural resources themselves as opposed to revenues

Commits to more revenue sharing agreements-done a few mining sharing 37.5% mining tax revenue, a small amount from IPP’s in energy-picks and chooses which FN to revenue share and uses as tool to get FN to approve projects

Not Mentioned

4. Shared Decision Making

Promises  co-management

No mention of Shared Decision Making. Consultation is mentioned in relation to LNG

Supports using UNDRIP as guiding policy which requires Free Prior and Informed consent

5. New Relationship and Reconciliation

Mentions New Relationship, Royal Commission on Aboriginal peoples, Kelowna Accord, implementation of treaty rights-platform aimed at reconciliation

No mention of either

Govt-to govt relationships,

Work towards reconciliation, complete treaties and work with non treaty nations on other path to reconciliation

6. Heritage Conservation Act

Not mentioned

Not Mentioned and plans many developments thru FN territories which will impact

Not Mentioned-but commitments to work on this with FN’s

7. Water Act

Not mentioned

Finish consultations and pass new Act-critical issues for FN’s

Commit to complete Water Act and regulate groundwater

Real and meaningful consultation with FNs


Work in good faith with Feds to complete treaties

Not mentioned-will continue with incremental treaty agreements

1st Meeting with PM will be about completing treaties-commit to complete treaties

Social Issues

Improve the quality of life of First Nations peoples through improved housing, better education, more employment opportunities and increased access to health programs including traditional medicines

Nothing on housing, education, children, health specifically for FN’s.

Says they will work for jobs for FN in LNG

Compare to Wet’sueten and Huckleberry Mine where not one job is for First Nations-no  support from Libs to create jobs-jobs plan not working for FN’s

Meet FNsLeadership within 100 days of forming government – to develop a four year action plan to improve economic opportunity and educational outcomes for Aboriginal students, move towards devolution of children and family services, improve justice system and tackle other key priorities, such as reducing poverty


Train educators on history of FN’s, continuing colonization and recognition of aboriginal rights and title

Put in place a round table on environment with FN’s at table to advise govt on Important parts of environment

Commitments to ensure training and education for FNs people, continuing to support the FPHC to preserve FNs languages, and to continue to support services provided by the BCAAFC


Latest Opportunities

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PFM Executive Search
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