About Us

The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network is a hub for First Nations in the province to share ideas, tools and best practices on many aspects of governance and community development.

The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network was developed by the First Nations Technology Council with the generous support from the New Relationship Trust and the valued input of many organizations and First Nations in BC.

The Technology Council's vision is for the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network to be an accessible and engaging platform that fosters the sharing of knowledge and facilitates networking amongst First Nations individuals, communities and organizations.

The site scaffolds the ideas from many communities into a network that all communities can learn from and build upon. This knowledge exchange supports First Nations because resources such as documents and templates can be learnt from, customized and adapted to meet individual community needs.

The goal of the Knowledge Network is to be a platform that leverages the knowledge and experience of First Nations along with the openness and speed of the internet to organize the brightest ideas and best practices around the continuous act of building and growing Nations.

About the First Nations Technology Council

The First Nations Technology Council has been mandated by the First Nations Summit, BC Assembly of First Nations and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs to address the technology related needs of BC’s First Nations communities.

Visit http://www.technologycouncil.ca for more information.

About the logo: “Transformation”

The trout head in the centre symbolizes our initial being, who we are and where we come from. The bird emerging on the top left and the mammal on the right, both not fully defined, leaving our imagination to interpret how we see them in their final stages.

As we go through life, everything around us transforms from one thing to another including us, with no final vision of who we will be - this is what “Transformation” embodies.

Artist Biography

Jamie Sterritt is a member of the Gitksan nation in the Skeena river area of northern British Columbia, now living in Kamloops with his daughters. His work is based on traditional northwest coast design, and is true to Gitksan art. He acquired his interest in the art from his father and uncles who are accomplished artists and craftsmen in their own right. Jamie is a member of the Kispiox wolf clan. His Gitksan name is Wii Nagim Tts’uwingat.

Latest Opportunities

Director, Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education

PFM Executive Search
August 2, 2022

Senior Lead, Research and Evaluation

First Nations Technology Council
July 8, 2022

Project Coordinator

First Nations Technology Council
July 8, 2022