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8 years 3 months
2015 / PDF
The following pages outline the Commission’s central conclusions about the history and legacy of residential schools and identify both the barriers to reconciliation and the opportunities for constructive action that currently exist.
Author(s): The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
7 years 11 months
2011 / PDF
Traditional Indigenous Approaches to Healing and the modern welfare of Traditional Knowledge, Spirituality and Lands: A critical reflection on practices and policies taken from the Canadian Indigenous Example
Author(s): Julian A. Robbins, Jonathan Dewar
8 years 2 months
2015 / PDF
Inequities experienced by Aboriginal people in Canada due to residual effects of colonization and assimilation are evident; research is needed focusing on positive strategies for health and healing in urban settings. Participatory action research (PAR) is identified as an appropriate method of research for engaging collaboratively with Aboriginal people. This study involved seven First Nations...
Author(s): Carla S. Ginn, University of Calgary; Judith C. Kulig University of Lethbridge
8 years 3 months
2015 / PDF
This article explores the application of two-eyed seeing in the first year of a three-year study about the effectiveness of cultural interventions in First Nations alcohol and drug treatment in Canada. Two-eyed seeing is recognized by Canada’s major health research funder as a starting point for bringing together the strengths of Indigenous and Western ways of knowing. With the aim of developing...
Author(s): Laura Hall, Colleen A. Dell, Barb Fornssler, Carol Hopkins, Christopher Mushquash