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Materials you will find in the shared documents:1. Introduction2. Mining Protocol developed by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLP3. Agreements drafted by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLPa. Memorandum of Understanding b. Engagement Agreement c. Traditional Knowledge Protocol d. Socio-Economic Participation Agreement4. Related Presentations by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLPa. First Nations Self-Government: A...
Resource Producer: First Nations Energy and Mining Council (FNEMC)
8 years 5 months
2015 / PDF
The following pages outline the Commission’s central conclusions about the history and legacy of residential schools and identify both the barriers to reconciliation and the opportunities for constructive action that currently exist.
Author(s): The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
7 years 10 months
2015 / MP3 Audio
Glen Coulthard’s book is for the generation of First Nations activists who want to change things entirely. Coulthard tackles current Indigenous-settler relations in Canada, drawing on Marx and Fanon. The book had its Vancouver launch at SFU Woodwards last month. Glen Coulthard invited four scholars and activists to share their thoughts on the book.  The book...
Author(s): Redeye Collective
5 years 5 months
2018 / Word doc
A collection of documents supporting the land negotiations between Lake Cowichan First Nations and the Province of BC with timeline and Feasibility study for a Marina
Resource Producer: Lake Cowichan First Nation
Author(s): Lake Cowichan First Nation
7 years 10 months
2015 / MP3
The Department of Fisheries and Ocean declared a surprise opening of a herringfishery on the Central Coast that has been closed for nine years, withoutconsulting the Heiltsuk First Nation. Marilyn Slett is Chief Councillor of theHeiltsuk Tribal Council. she speaks with Redeye host Lorraine Chisholm.
Author(s): Lorraine Chisholm
8 years 1 week
2015 / PDF
Traditional knowledge and oral traditions history are crucial lines of evidence in Aboriginal claims litigation and alternative forms of resolution, most notably claims commissions. This article explores the ways in which these lines of evidence pose numerous challenges in terms of how and where they can be presented, who is qualified to present it, questions about whether this evidence can stand...
Author(s): Arthur J. Ray, University of British Columbia
8 years 4 months
2008 / PDF
The purpose of this paper is to use the recent William decision to illustrate that oral history is a source of information that provides a more complete understanding of the issues and legal tests involved in Aboriginal rights litigation and is often the only evidence available for Courts to consider. Oral history not only illuminates historic events, but it provides context and an Aboriginal...
Author(s): Gary S. Campo, of Woodward & Company, Victoria, BC
8 years 4 months
2010 / PDF
The proposed First Nations Property Ownership Act (FNPO) is an initiative that would “permit First Nations who wish to hold the legal title to their lands to do so; and ... to do so without risking the loss of their governance matter what ownership rights the First Nations may themselves decide to allow.”
Author(s): Woodward and Company
Found in: Legal | Rights & Title
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2000 / PDF
This paper considers the problem of domestic and international non-compliance with aboriginal customary law regarding traditional designs, ritual knowledge and other intellectual property. It begins by outlining the general failure of domestic and international copyright law to provide a legal solution. It follows with discussion of the Galinbingu people’s recent success in the breakthrough...
Author(s): Written by David Robbins, B.A., L.L.B
8 years 4 months
2015 / PDF
This article provides an in-depth analysis of selective land use and resource management policies in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It examines their relative capacity to recognize the rights of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples and their treaty rights, as well as their embodiment of past Crown–First Nations relationships. An analytical framework was developed to evaluate the manifest and...
Author(s): Fraser McLeod, Queen's U; Leela Viswanathan, Queen's U; Graham S. Whitelaw, Queen's U; Jared Macbeth, Walpole Island FN; Carolyn King, Mississaugas of the New Credit FN; Daniel D. McCarthy, U of Waterloo; Erin Alexiuk, U of Waterloo
Found in: Legal | Rights & Title | Treaty