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June 21st, a day set aside to celebrate the aboriginal peoples of this land. For many aboriginal people and their governments and organizations, this is a statutory holiday so their staff can participate in the many celebrations that go on around the province.

Much is being said these days to mark 30 years since the Constitution Act, 1982 was passed as law in this country. The Constitution Act 1982 contains the Charter of Rights and Freedom and much of the focus of discussions is based on the Charter.

Watching the news this morning and seeing the determined Musqueam and their supporters blocking off Arthur Laing Bridge during rush hour in the rain, I was filled with pride and the need to cheer "yes!" Go Musqueam, keep elevating the profile and action until you get results!


Just when you think that all the things that could go wrong with the Missing Women’s Inquiry has occurred, something even more atrocious happens.

Reacting to calls from organizations like the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation, and negative media reviews on First Nations accountability, the Conservative Government pulled together C-27 and introduced it into parliament on November 23, 2011 for First Reading.

A ceremonial rattle from Indigenous Elder Alvaro Tukano of the Amazon in Brazil will be presented to Indigenous Astronaut Commander John Herrington during the opening ceremonies of the B.C.

How much energy does BC need to be electricity self-sufficient in five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Predicting how much electricity BC will need is based on many things like population growth, consumption needs, increase of business and industries that consume large amounts of power.

I am not trying to be skeptical, I really am.  But does anyone know what was accomplished at this most important occasion?  From what I was able to see from the live webcast, there were some truly excellent speeches and from what I have read

In the last session of the Legislature, Bill S-6 was introduced into the Senate and given first reading. It is making its way through the processes of Parliament and may be passed by the end of this year’s sitting-by the end of June 2012.


The end of one year and the start of a new year gives a person reason to think carefully over what the highlights and accomplishments of the year were on First Nations rights.

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